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Five Ways to Win on Customer Experience

Customer experience is the new battlefield where the war for customers’ dollars and devotion is fought — especially this holiday season when brands will have to do more than offer free shipping and flash sales if they want to stand out.


And yet, you might be like the many business leaders who struggle to understand and manage their customer experiences effectively. Perhaps you’re operating with an incomplete, incorrect definition of customer experience.  Customer service is only one aspect of the entire customer experience.  Likewise, marketing and customer communications comprise only a fraction of a 360-degree experience.  Customer experience is the sum of allinteractions a customer has with a company.

Developing great customer experiences also requires you to understand the new reality we and our customers operate in today.  Given all the tools people now have at their disposal, it’s not uncommon for customers to know more about businesses, their products, and their pricing than companies themselves do.  Educated and empowered customers look past gimmicks and gestures for brands that deliver truly valuable experiences.

And people’s expectations have been elevated.  Thanks to Uber, people are used to getting what/where/how/when/ they want it and they now expect on-demand personalized service from all companies...

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